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Video formats are usually a problem if we have more than one media player. Sometimes, a media player supports a file but that same file can't be played on other device.

3Herosoft Video Converter comes to solve that problem and it solves it in the easy way. A simple but effective interface is the panel we'll use to convert any video and make it to be supported by other media players.

If you want to convert your videos, you only have to load them and choose the output format, as well as if you want the output files to be splitted if they are larger than 650 MBs.

It's amazingly easy. Press the convert button and wait for a few minutes. You'll have the video ready to play.

Don't hesitate, 3Herosoft Video Converter is the solution for your video format problems. Enjoy your videos on your iPod, iPhone, PS3, Apple TV, XBOX 360,...

Trialversion converts up to 10 minutes per file and ha disabled the start time option.

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